Transcripts - Pending Matters

Kim Monique Moss And Freeport Insurance Agents & Brokers Limited et al

Wednesday May 1st, 2024

     3   The court reserves its decision on this application

     4   to restore, which has been contested and on which the court

     5   has had written as well as oral submissions.  We have also

     6   acceded to Mr. Duncanson's request to be allowed until the

     7   close of business on Friday to do some further research and to

     8   advise the court by the time stipulated of any findings that

     9   he may have in respect of this issue of unconditional versus

    10   conditional leave, which the court indicated at the outset was

    11   of concern to it regarding the jurisdiction of the court to

    12   essentially hear an appeal where the judge in the court below

    13   has granted unconditional leave to defend.


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