Transcripts - Pending Matters

In an effort to make greater use of technology, the court has made audio and written transcripts of pending matters available to Counsel & Attorneys -at-Law and the general public. Audio transcripts are available in M4A MPEG format and written transcripts may be downloaded in PDF format. Click the link provided to download select transcripts.

Date Title Type
30 Mar, 2021 Shane Mackey Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
30 Mar, 2021 Neville Knowles Vs. Regina Document
18 Mar, 2021 Director of Public Prosecutions Vs. Pericies A. Millis Document
16 Mar, 2021 Attorney General And Jonathan Reid et al Document
11 Mar, 2021 Attorney General And Johnny Sargent et al Document
03 Feb, 2021 Lavardo Forbes Vs Regina And Shirvon A. Stubbs Vs. Regina Document
21 Jan, 2021 Brody Fritz aka Brodie Fritz Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
20 Jan, 2021 Franklyn Johnson Vs. Regina Document
19 Jan, 2021 Bahamas Power & Light Company Ltd. And Don Smith Document
19 Jan, 2021 Attorney General And Johnny Mackey et al Document
18 Jan, 2021 Julie McIntosh And Family Guardian Insurance Company Document
15 Jan, 2021 Eddison Watson Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions Document
07 Dec, 2020 Simone Ferguson Vs. Regina and Simone Ferguson Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
11 Nov, 2020 Nevis Sweeting and Renae Sweeting AND Commonwealth Bank Ltd. Document
11 Nov, 2020 Charles Williams Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
04 Nov, 2020 Regna Vs. Roscoe Tyrone Knowles Document
04 Nov, 2020 Dwight Major Vs. Commissioner of Police Document
22 Oct, 2020 Makaveli Tinker Vs. DPP Document
20 Oct, 2020 DDP Vs. Don Brenne And Don Brenne Vs. DPP Document
19 Oct, 2020 Donna Dorsett-Major And Director of Public Prosecutions and Attorney General of The Bahamas Document


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