Case #: 118 of 2022
Ramon Lop And The Attorney General of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas et al

Civil Appeal ??\' Appeal Against Award of Damages ??\' Claim for damages for False Imprisonment ??\' Claim for compensation for multiple breaches of appellant’s Constitutional rights ??\' Parallel claims for tortious wrongs and constitutional redress ??\' False imprisonment ??\' Whether judge erred in finding that appellant’s claim for constitutional redress was time-barred ??\' Whether the Limitation Act applies to create a time-bar for constitutional claims ??\' Constitution as supreme law ??\' Whether Judge erred in holding that Constitutional claims are subject to Limitation Act ??\' Whether judge erred in finding that appellant’s Article 17(1) rights had not been breached ??\' Inhumane and Degrading treatment ??\' Award of compensatory damages for loss of liberty ??\' Aggravated and Exemplary damages ??\' Whether judge failed to award aggravated damages ??\' Fundamental rights redress clause proviso ??\' Pre-judgment interest ??\' Post-Judgment interest ??\' When interest runs ??\' Section 12 Limitation Act ??\' Articles 2, 17(1), 19, 25, 26, 28 of The Bahamas Constitution ??\'Sections 2 & 3 Civil Procedure (Award of Interest) Act.

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Written / Supreme Criminal / Damages Matter
by Justice(s) The Honourable Sir Michael Barnett, P The Honourable Mr. Justice Isaacs, JA The Honourable Madam Justice Crane-Scott, JA
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