Case #: 9 of 2021
Victor Bain, Jr. Vs. Commissioner of Police

On the advisement by Ms. Hermonique Cooper that she has received the sum ordered to be paid as compensation to her (some $9,750.00), and upon the undertaking of Mr. Nicholas Mitchell (counsel for Victor Bain, Jr.) to file the affidavit signifying payment and exhibiting the receipt, it is the order of the court that the order of compensation has been satisfied; and, in the premises, the order that the court made on yesterday\'s date (20th July, 2022) is lifted and discharged. The intended appellant is to be released from custody forthwith.

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Oral / Magisterial Criminal Matter
by Justice(s) Hon Mr Justice Isaacs, JA., Hon Madam Justice Crane-Scott, JA. and Hon Madam Justice Bethell, JA
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