Case #: 115 of 2021
Bahamas Power & Light Company Limited And Ervin Dean

Leave to appeal to Her Majesty in Council is granted on the condition that within a period of 90 days from the date hereof, the applicant enters into a good and sufficient security in a sum not exceeding $2,861.00 for the due prosecution of the appeal and the payment of all such costs as may become payable by the applicant in the event of him not obtaining an order granting him final leave to appeal or of the appeal being dismissed for non-prosecution or of the Judicial Committee ordering the applicant to pay the costs of the appeal; and that within 90 days from the date hereof, the applicant shall take the necessary steps for the purpose of procuring the preparation of the record and the dispatch thereof to England.

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Oral / Supreme Civil Matter
by Justice(s) Hon Sir Michael Barnett, P., Kt., Hon Mr Justice Isaacs, JA. and Hon Madam Justice Bethell, JA
Date Added:

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