Case #: 77 of 2021
Paul F. Major v First Caribbean International Bank (Bahamas) Ltd

Civil Appeal ??\\\' Unfair Dismissal ??\\\' Wrongful Dismissal ??\\\' Breach of Contract ??\\\' Summary Dismissal ??\\\' Employer’s duty to prove his honest and reasonable belief that employee had committed the misconduct in question at the time of the dismissal ??\\\' Employer’s further duty to prove that he has conducted a reasonable investigation of such misconduct ??\\\' Code of Conduct ??\\\' Code of Discipline ??\\\' Employee’s duty to cooperate with employer’s internal investigation ??\\\' Fairness Principle ??\\\' Substantial merits of the case ??\\\' Breach of implied term of trust and confidence ??\\\' Sections 33, 34 and 35 of the Employment Act, Ch. 321A ??\\\'

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Written / Supreme Civil Matter
by Justice(s) Hon. Mr. Justice Isaacs, JA; Hon. Madam Justice Crane-Scott, JA and Hon. Mr. Justice Evans, JA
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