Case #: 231 of 2018
Giordano Rolle Jr. v Regina

Criminal Appeal ??\\\' Allegation of police brutality and oppression prior to start of police interview ??\\\' oral admissions contained in answers to police questioning taken down in a record of interview ??\\\' signed written confession obtained during interview which accused denied authoring or signing ??\\\' voir dire commenced to determine admissibility of both documents ??\\\' whether judge erred in prematurely terminating voir dire and admitting both documents without ruling on admissibility ??\\\' Non-disclosure by Crown of video-recording of police interview ??\\\' Late2 production of recording during the ongoing voir dire ??\\\' whether late production of the recording prejudiced the conduct of the defence during the voir dire ??\\\' whether conviction unsafe and unsatisfactory

Pending before Privy Council?: no

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Written / Supreme Criminal Matter
by Justice(s) Hon.Madam Justice Crane-Scott, JA., Hon. Mr. Justice Jones, JA., and Hon.Mr. Justice Evans, JA.
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