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File Number Judgment Date
99 of 2019 Clarke (Orlean) et al v Barry (Kathreen) 22/09/2020
57 of 2017 Dyon Henry v Regina 21/09/2020
86 of 2019 Kenneth Knowles Vs Director of Public Prosecutions 21/09/2020
81 of 2020 Travon Lockhart Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions 18/09/2020
161 of 2019 Leonard David Symonette Vs. Commissioner of Police 17/09/2020
151 of 2019 Frankie Pierre Vs Department of Public Prosecutions 16/09/2020
251 of 2018 Devroy Colebrooke Vs. Commissioner of Police 15/09/2020
133 of 2019 Jevon Alexander Rolle Vs. Attorney General 15/09/2020
89 of 2020 Spencer Lewis Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions 15/09/2020
115 of 2018 The Attorney General v Claude Lawson Gray 10/09/2020
14 of 2020 Charlton Pierre Vs. Attorney General 08/09/2020
214 of 2018 Kiko Hanna Vs. Regina 08/09/2020
273 of 2018 Troy Johnson Vs. Attorney General 08/09/2020
244 of 2017 Tarrano Deveaux Vs. Commissioner of Police 07/09/2020
283 of 2019 Raheem Gibson Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions 07/09/2020


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