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File Number Judgment Date
140 of 2022 Harborside Resort at Atlantis v Valene Winters 01/06/2023
63 of 2019 Dr. Anthony W.D. Carey vs Valderine Henfield 01/06/2023
7 of 2023 Derick Munnings Jr. v Edward Roker 31/05/2023
84 of 2022 McFalloughn Bowleg v The Commissioner of Police 31/05/2023
95 of 2020 Amber Louise Murphy v Hot Pancakes Ltd. et. al. 30/05/2023
127 of 2021 Joseph Amihere And Hon. Carl Bethel et al 25/05/2023
9 of 2022 Lincoln Bain and anor v Zinnia Rolle (Leave to Appeal) 25/05/2023
127 of 2022 Joann Moss-DeCosta And Martin Kemp 23/05/2023
134 of 2021 The Attorney General of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and anor. v Westmor Ltd. et. al. (Costs) 23/05/2023
93 of 2022 Bradford Grand Bahama v Bradley Lord 17/05/2023
16 of 2023 Rose Adaline Dorestil aka Rolanda Dorestil Ygnace Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions 16/05/2023
45 of 2022 Warren Farquharson et al And Rainbow Bay Property Owners Association Limited 16/05/2023
62 of 2022 The Public Hospitals Authority & Dr. Paul Ward AND Dr. Theodore Ferguson 15/05/2023
113 of 2022 Bryan Pennerman Vs. Scotiabank (Bahamas) Ltd. 15/05/2023
42 of 2023 Marvin Augustin Vs. Director of Public Prosecutions 11/05/2023


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