Court Dates

Below is a list of all upcoming calendar entries that have not yet ended. To view the details on any particular event, please click the title to view more details.

Title Date
Westech International Security Vs. Jason Tynes 03 Oct, 2022
Thomas Forbes Vs. Commissioner Of Police 03 Oct, 2022
Joseph Amihere And The Hon. Carl Bethel In The Capacity As Attorney General Brent Symonette In The Capacity As Minister Of Immigration William Pratt In His Capacity As Director Of Immigration Peter Joseph In His Capacity As Officer In Charge Of Ca 04 Oct, 2022
Marco Oliver Vs. Commissioner Of Police Director Of Public Prosecutions 04 Oct, 2022
Vivian Rolle And Attorney General 05 Oct, 2022
The Attorney-general And Jonathan Reid David Valdez-lopez Rudolph Kermit King 05 Oct, 2022
Suzette Smith Vs. Commissioner Of Police 06 Oct, 2022
The Petition Of Palm Beach Andros Co. Ltd. And South Andros International Company Limited Andgrand Bahama Development Company Limited 06 Oct, 2022
Kevan Seymour Vs. Commissioner Of Police 06 Oct, 2022
Juan Antonio Torres Cabrera. Vs. Commissioner Of Police 11 Oct, 2022
Kaydee Limited David Edward Jennette, Sr. Mercantile Land Resources Limited Seaport Construction Company Limited Meridian Research Corporation Limited Dominion Swan Industries And Bank Of The Bahamas 11 Oct, 2022
Gustavus Ferguson And Building Control Officer 12 Oct, 2022
Steve Luciano Bain Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 12 Oct, 2022
Rosina Smith And Fidelity Bank (bahamas) Ltd. 13 Oct, 2022
Alister Williams Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 13 Oct, 2022
Albert Alexander Whyley Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 17 Oct, 2022
Marvin Edgecombe Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 17 Oct, 2022
The Public Hospital Authority Dr. Paul Ward And Dr. Theodore Ferguson 18 Oct, 2022
Lucretia Rolle And Airport Authority 18 Oct, 2022
Denie Osias Vs. Regina 19 Oct, 2022
Jennifer Lynn Mosko (nee Bogart) And Nicolas Emmanuel Peter Mosko 19 Oct, 2022
Joshua Cooper Vs. The Commissioner Of Police 20 Oct, 2022
Jennifer Bain And Family Guardian Insurance Co. Ltd. 20 Oct, 2022
Javaughn Devon Charlton Vs. The Commissioner Of Police 24 Oct, 2022
Clemenza Ltd.jamal Nixon And Royal Bahamas Defence Force Attorney General Of The Bahama 24 Oct, 2022
Commissioner Of Police. Vs Khambrel Deveaux 25 Oct, 2022
Albury’s Freeport Ltd.and Waugh Construction (bah.) Ltd. 25 Oct, 2022
Shadda Armbrister Vs. Commissioner Of Police 26 Oct, 2022
The Minister Responsible For Crown Land And Scott Findeisen And Brandon Findeisen 26 Oct, 2022
Marisa D. Mason Smith And Bahamas Power And Light Co. Ltd 27 Oct, 2022
Grand Bahama Power Company Limited And Commonwealth Electrical Workers Union 27 Oct, 2022
Tyson Strachan And Albany Resort Operator Ltd 31 Oct, 2022
Basil Farrington Judy Farrington And Gateway Ascendany Ltd. 31 Oct, 2022


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