Court Dates

Below is a list of all upcoming calendar entries that have not yet ended. To view the details on any particular event, please click the title to view more details.

Title Date
Keith Rolle Dorothea Avril Rolle And Raymond Meadows 04 Dec, 2023
Super Value Food Stores Ltd. And Darin Hepburn Taurean Adderley 04 Dec, 2023
Fred Christopher Paul Vs. Commissioner Of Police 04 Dec, 2023
Director Of Public Prosecutions Vs. Jamal Miller 05 Dec, 2023
Troy Levan Kellman And The Bar Council 05 Dec, 2023
Roger Watson Vs. Regina 05 Dec, 2023
Godfrey Deon Minnis Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 06 Dec, 2023
Dennis Williams Rosalie Mckenzie And Aml Foods Ltd. Bsl Retirement Plan Ltd. Whan Slaw Turnquest (representative Of The Beneficiaries Of Bsl Profit Sharing Retirement Plan) Abdab Properties Ltd. 06 Dec, 2023
Ricardo F. Pratt (in His Capacity As Administrator Of The Estate Of Ruel Pratt) And Henrique Baptista Lesley Baptista 07 Dec, 2023
Lincoln Bain Bani Shoe Warehouse Co. Ltd. And Zinnia Rolle 11 Dec, 2023
Brian Anthony Miller Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 11 Dec, 2023
Domek D. Rolle 52/2023 And The Bahamas Bar Council 12 Dec, 2023
Demetrius Brown Vs. Director Of Public Prosecutions 12 Dec, 2023
Jack Donovan Johnson And Sealand Investments Limited 13 Dec, 2023
Paradise Island Lighthouse And Beach Club Co. Ltd. And Attorney General Of The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas 13 Dec, 2023
James Hart Vs. Commissioner Of Police 14 Dec, 2023
T P Grand Bahama Ltd. D/b/a Pollo Tropical Restaurant And Arlene Bethel 14 Dec, 2023


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