The Court of Appeal is the highest Court resident in The Bahamas. It is a part of the judicial branch of the Government of The Bahamas and was established by Article 98 of the Constitution of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

The Court of Appeal has such jurisdiction and powers as are conferred on it by the Constitution and the Court of Appeal Act (Chapter 52 of the 2000 Revised Edition of The Statute Law of The Bahamas).

The practice and procedure relating to the exercise of the court’s jurisdiction is in accordance with rules of court made by its President pursuant to section 8 of the Court of Appeal Act. The current rules of court are The Court of Appeal Rules 2005.

The Court of Appeal consists of the President, the Chief Justice ex officio who sits only at the invitation of the President, and such number of other Justices as may be prescribed by Parliament. Presently, the number prescribed by Parliament is six, including the President.


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